89 : Nicole Zasowski | Let Go and Find Freedom

On today’s episode we’re talking with writer, speaker, & marriage and family therapist, Nicole Zasowski about letting go of what we think we want to find what will truly set us free.  Nicole shares her journey of moving across the country from CA to Conneticut, and finding that settling into her new normal took a little longer than she would have hoped.  Having just experienced  a big move ourselves, this message really spoke to us personally, and we are so grateful for this conversation!

Nicole shares with us the power of naming what we fear losing most, how to identify the behaviors that are holding us back, and how to move forward in the freedom God has for us!

Guys, we hope this conversation will bless you as much as it did us! Listen in!


Links Mentioned:

Nicole's Book: From Lost to Found 

Nicole's Website 

Every Moment Holy , McKelvey Douglas


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Casey Darnell, Moments

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