88: Mike Frost | Transform Your Life by Memorizing Scripture

On today’s episode we’re welcoming best selling author, professor, and leader in the missional church movement, Mike Frost back to the show to unpack the life changing power of memorizing scripture, as in getting it off the screen and actually into our brain and bones.

If you’re new to the show, make sure you go back to Ep 46, where we dive deeper into Mike’s story and learn all about the 5 “B.E.L.L.S.” habits of living on mission in the world around us as discussed in his book Surprise the World: Blessing others, Eating together, Learning Christ, Listening to the Spirit, Being Sent with a Missionary Focus.


Today, Mike shares with us: 

*the benefits behind the lost art of memorizing scripture,

*how meditating on truth can shape our outlook on the world, and

*specific scriptures that can be particularly helpful to memorize during these unprecedented times


Guys, we hope this conversation will bless you as much as it did us! Listen in!


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