135. Charlie Peacock and Andi Ashworth | Everything Matters

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This week we’re continuing in our Mentor Couples series leading up to the launch of our new book, The Rhythm of Home, releasing June 4!  If you haven’t yet, make sure you pre-order your copy so you will be able to snag your bonuses when they become available at therhythmofus.com 

Today we’re excited to share this conversation with legendary artist and producer Charlie Peacock and his lovely wife, Andi. Charlie has written songs and produced for everyone you can think of from Amy Grant to DC Talk, and so many more. Charlie discovered and produced the first few records for Switchfoot and The Civil Wars, selling millions of copies all over the world. He and his wife Andi also founded The Art House here in Nashville, where they lived with their family, made records, and ran a ministry there for over 25 years.  They are also the authors of a wonderful brand new book, Why Everything that Doesn’t Matter, Matters So Much. 

More than all of those incredible accomplishments, though, Charlie and Andi are just two of the kindest, most grounded, humble people you could ever hope to meet.  In fact, as we listen to the stories of those in our community who have lived here for a while, time and time again, Charlie and Andi’s names will surface as mentors who have made a huge difference in someone’s life. We are so thankful for the love and care they have poured out on others, both locally and globally with the work of their lives. Grab a good cup of coffee, and maybe a pen and paper, and lean in with us as we soak up all the wisdom from this incredible couple.

Listen in. 

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