94: Darryl Strawberry | Turn Your Season Around

On today’s episode Chris turns into a bit of a middle school boy, as he and Jenni get the chance to chat with baseball legend and bestselling author, the man, the myth, the legend, Mr. Darryl Strawberry.

Darryl shares his incredible story of how Jesus met him right in the middle of his brokenness. Chris and Jenni chat with Darryl about the highs and lows of an intense career as a Major League Baseball all-star, overcoming his drug addiction, family tragedies, and the powerful transformation that only comes from following Jesus.  Darryl also shares some foundational principles that transformed his life from the inside out: the power of prayer, cultivating healthy friendships, and weathering trials without losing heart.

No matter what situation this finds you in today, we hope as you listen in, this story will inspire hope in you that with God’s grace you can overcome life’s adversities one decision, one step at a time and turn your season around.

Pull up a chair and join us, this is a great one! Listen in.



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Darryl’s Book: Turn Your Season Around

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