68: Best of 2019 | Advice to the Younger You

In this week’s final episode of 2019, we’re finishing the year off right as we revisit some of the most powerful responses of 2019 to every episode's closing question:

What advice would you give to the younger you?

In this episode you’ll hear life changing advice from: John Eldredge, Margaret Feinberg, John Mark Comer and more.

Now it’s your turn. What’s advice would you give to the younger you?

Lets us know: jenni@onelife.works or chris@onelife.works


Advice to the Younger You


1. Find Spiritual Mothers & Fathers (John Eldredge|Ep.45)
2. Don’t Let Your Identity Rise & Fall on the Opinions of Others (Lysa Terkeurst|Ep.44)
3. Sabbath (John Mark Comer|Ep.65)
4. Stay Passionate, But Extend Grace (Mike Frost|Ep.46)
5. Red Flags Never Get Smaller (Emily P. Freeman|Ep.50)
6. Ruthlessly Eliminate Hurry From Your Life (Emily P. Freeman|Ep.50)
7. Let People Get to Know You (Kellye Fabian|Ep.53)
8. Pay Attention to Your Internal Life (Jan Peterson|Ep.54)
9. God is Strong at Your Breaking Point (Margaret Feinberg|Ep.55)
10. Chill Out (Don Pape|Ep.56)
11. Don’t Let Comparison Hold You Back (Sarah Dubbeldam|Ep.57)
12. Intimacy with the Lord is the Secret to Happiness (Stephen Kendrick|Ep.60)
13. Focus on Today (Chris Norton|Ep.61)
14. Intentionally Build Your Life Team (Dr. John Townsend|Ep.58)
15. Love Hard (Tricia Lott Williford|Ep.62)
16. Life Will Turn Out Better Than You Can Imagine (Gary Thomas|Ep.64)



PS. – If you're looking for MORE advice to the younger you, be sure to check out last year's “Best Of” episode right here.


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