66: Eric & Kristin Hill | The First Breakfast

What are the broken places of your story you long to see redeemed?

On today’s episode we had the incredible honor of chatting with our new friends and founders of WithYou Ministries, Eric and Kristin Hill.  Eric and Kristin share with us their journey of jumping out of the boat to follow Jesus into the unknown, trusting Him to lead them along the way and into a life of greater peace and rest in Him.   We talk about the courage it takes to take a huge risk, how to narrow the target of your calling, and the people of faith we become on the other side of surrender.


We also chat with The Hills about their latest project, The First Breakfast, following the journey of Jesus and Peter through calling, brokenness, and restoration.  We talk about how the relationship between Jesus and Peter is also a picture of the Father’s relationship with us, how the way Jesus continues to pursue Peter, even in his brokenness, and how time in the presence of Jesus is the most transforming force the world has ever known.

We hope this conversation will encourage and remind you that the same invitation for restoration Jesus offered to Peter is the same invitation extended to us today.

Listen in.


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