64: Gary Thomas | Know When to Walk Away

On today’s episode we’re chatting with well known Bible Teacher and best selling author of over 20 books including Sacred Marriage and Sacred Pathways, Gary Thomas. As you’ll soon discover, Gary is one of the most wise and wonderful humans you could hope to encounter, and we enjoyed gleaning all the wisdom from him that we possibly could.

Gary shares with us how to identify the relationships in our lives that are stealing our joy, when to hang on, and when it’s time to walk away. We also talk about how to set healthy boundaries to protect our calling, how to love and serve the difficult people in our lives, and how to silence the toxic voices from within. Make sure you listen all the way to the very end when Gary shares the most encouraging advice to parents who are right in the thick of the chaos and beauty of family life.

We were so encouraged by our time with Gary, we know you will be too. Listen in.


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