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65: John Mark Comer | Slow Down

On today's episode, we're chatting with best selling author and Teaching Pastor at Bridgetown Church in Portand, OR, Pastor John Mark Comer.


So, if you’ve listened to the podcast for a while, you’ve heard us share from time to time how God’s had us on this journey over the last few years of moving from just a “Church on Sunday, smallgroup on Monday, daily quiet time” lifestyle to really learning and centering our lives around the ways of Jesus (the spiritual disciplines) with the goal of course to become more like Him.  And it's been wonderful to hear from so many of you who have been on a similar journey as well!


It’s crazy to say that I’ve been a Christian for most of my 38 years of life and am just now learning about incredible things like the Prayer of Examen, how to practice Sabbath, and the one that’s probably changed me the most personally, the practice of slowing down, or as Dallas Willard puts it, The Ruthless Elimination of Hurry.


John Mark has just released his 4th book with this exact title, The Ruthless Elimination of Hurry, and we could not be more excited to chat with him about it today!  John Mark shares his journey of going from “successful” megachurch pastor, to hitting a wall of burnout and hurry sickness, to coming out on the other side, still loving and serving Jesus but now thankfully from a much healthier place emotionally and spiritually.


We talk with John Mark about what it looks like to move from just a “church on Sunday” lifestyle to truly centering our lives around the rhythms of Jesus in order to become more like Him.  John Mark unpacks the danger of living a hurried life, just how much it actually steals from us, and practical steps to move toward a slower more soulful way of living.


Take a deep breath. Let your heart slow down. Listen in.


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64: Gary Thomas | Know When to Walk Away

On today’s episode we’re chatting with well known Bible Teacher and best selling author of over 20 books including Sacred Marriage and Sacred Pathways, Gary Thomas. As you’ll soon discover, Gary is one of the most wise and wonderful humans you could hope to encounter, and we enjoyed gleaning all the wisdom from him that we possibly could.

Gary shares with us how to identify the relationships in our lives that are stealing our joy, when to hang on, and when it’s time to walk away. We also talk about how to set healthy boundaries to protect our calling, how to love and serve the difficult people in our lives, and how to silence the toxic voices from within. Make sure you listen all the way to the very end when Gary shares the most encouraging advice to parents who are right in the thick of the chaos and beauty of family life.

We were so encouraged by our time with Gary, we know you will be too. Listen in.


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63: Rebekah Lyons | Cultivate a Life of Renewal

On today’s episode we had the incredible honor of chatting with National Speaker & Best Selling Author, Rebekah Lyons.  We chat with Rebekah about her latest project, Rhythms of Renewal, charting specific ways we can intentionally walk in sustained emotional, spiritual and physical health and renewal. Rebekah shares vulnerably about her own battle with anxiety, depression, and panic attacks, offering encouragement for those of us in that same struggle as well as how we as the church can carry one another’s burdens and fight for the healing and renewal of our brothers and sisters in Christ.

Rebekah’s work has been featured on Good Morning America, CNN, The Huffington Post & more. Alongside her husband Gabe, she serves as co-founder of Q Ideas, an organization helping Christian leaders engage in culture. Gabe & Rebekah have four children, two dogs and live in Franklin, TN.

Wherever this finds you today, we hope this conversation will encourage you with practical steps to cultivate daily habits that will strengthen you mentally, emotionally & physically and lead towards the vibrant life you long for.

Listen in.



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