59: Kristin Hill | Go & Tell No One

Well, guys, we saved one of the very best for last, we cannot wait to introduce you to our new friend, Kristin Hill. Kristin is an author, speaker, and co leader of With You Ministries with her husband Eric.  We have been counting down the days to this one. . . This conversation resonated with us in so many ways and we can't imagine a better way to close out the season as we break for summer than this message of “Go and Tell No One.”

In our over sharing, social media obsessed culture it’s easy to buy into the idea that every amazing experience we have must be shared publicly. But are some moments too sacred to share? Kristin reminds us of Jesus’ words to “ go and tell no one,’ and that our value is found in Him, not in how applauded we are by others.

We all long to be seen, known, celebrated, and affirmed, but as Kristin reminds us today, the only true fulfillment of those longings is found in the secret and sacred time with God. We talk with Kristin about the upside down way of Jesus that says the most holy moments in life are often those no one else will ever see. Be prepared for your toes to be stepped on in the most wonderful ways as you lean in to Kristin’s wonderful wisdom and sweet reminders of truth. Listen in.



Links + Resources Mentioned:

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