29: Fun Times with Dave Barnes

On today’s episode we had such a blast with one of our favorite musicians of all time…. Dave Barnes! You've probably heard one of Dave's biggest hits, God Gave Me You, released by Blake Shelton. Whether you're already a huge fan of Dave or just learning about him for the first time, you are going to LOVE his music and this conversation!
As you will soon learn, Dave is not only a super talented singer-songwritter, he’s also one of the funniest guys on the planet!

We chat with Dave about :

– His journey of becoming a musician and how God has carried him along the way,

– How becoming a Dad has shifted his priorities as a traveling artist and changed his view of what success actually looks like,

– And lastly, we talk about how to intentionally create room for your spouse’s dreams while living out a big dream of your own.

We had such a blast chatting with Dave! You will laugh! You will cry! And as always, you will be moved and inspired on your own journey to live out your calling!

Make sure and stick around till the end to enjoy one of our favorite songs off Dave’s new album!

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