26: Heather MacFadyen | Raising Risk Takers

Since jumping into this world of podcasting, we’ve become students of really skilled conversationalists, and someone we have learned a ton from is our very special guest today, Heather MacFadyen. She’s a refreshingly real speaker, blogger, and host of the popular podcast, The God Centered Mom. Heather does a phenomenal job creating a space for real, honest conversation, is always thoughtful of her listeners, and gives her guests plenty of room to share. In this episode you’ll hear the story and heart behind how Heather stumbled into podcasting and what she’s learned 5 years and over 200 episodes later. We also chat with Heather about what she’s learned after almost 20 years of being married to an adventure loving entrepreneur, how to embrace a life where risk taking is the norm, and how to encourage healthy risk taking in our kids! We loved this conversation with our friend, Heather. She is just refreshingly authentic and honest; you are going to love her!