9: When Faith & Business Collide with Cary Curry

What do you think of when you hear the words Car Dealer?
Well today's guest is going to completely shatter whatever words came to your mind.

Cary Curry is the fourth generation owner of Curry Auto Center, selling new General Motors automobiles for over 100 years in Bloomington, Indiana. His story encompasses the car business, his family roots, and the intersection of faith and work through Cary's calling to disciple college men.

We talk with Cary about the keys behind his successful career, his wrestle to leave it all behind and go into full time ministry, and how God ultimately revealed the greatest opportunity to impact others had already been placed right in front of him.

As you will soon discover, Cary is one of the most solid, generous, wise and humble men you will ever encounter. He has every reason in the world not to be humble because he has been so successful, but that is truly one of the keys behind his great success. He humbly loves, honors, and serves not only his customers, but his employees and the entire community around him. We know you will be as impacted as we were by our conversation with Cary Curry.

We'd love to hear your favorite parts!

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