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62: Tricia Lott Williford | Find Joy in the Waiting

What are you waiting for?

Everyone takes their turn in the waiting room. But when we misunderstand what waiting is about, we can get confused about what God is up to. As it turns out, waiting is actually one of God’s favorite tools. There are specific things God can do in our hearts and in our lives only in the waiting.

On today’s episode we had the incredible honor of chatting with our new friend and NY Times Best Selling author, Tricia Lott Williford. As you’ll soon discover, Tricia is an incredible storyteller. I just love listening to her and I know you will too!
Tricia’s journey of overcoming is one of the most touching stories you will ever hear! Years ago, she suddenly found herself to be a thirty-one-year-old widow with two preschoolers to raise on her own, when her husband died unexpectedly and tragically at Christmastime. Tricia opens up about her journey through grief and heartbreak to finding new strength and joy on the other side.

We also chat with Tricia about her latest project, Just You Wait. Listen in as Tricia shares the joy hidden in the discipline of waiting, the practices of believing God is for you and working on your behalf, even when the work of His hand is hard to find. We hope this conversation will encourage you in the waiting, and remind you that God is at work behind the scenes in invisible ways you just can’t see.

Listen in.


Links + Resources Mentioned:

Just You Wait,  Tricia Lott Williford 

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Writting Down the Bones, Natalie Goldberg 

When,  Daniel H. Pink

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61 : Chris and Emily Norton | Overcome the Impossible

If you need a little inspiration, today is your day. It just doesn't get more inspiring than our guests today, Chris and Emily Norton. 9 years ago Chris went from being a talented 18 year old football player with a promising future to flat on his back with a broken neck and a 3% chance of ever moving anything below his neck, much less walking again. But after pushing himself through grueling workouts for four years, Chris defied those odds as he walked across the graduation stage with his finance Emily at his side.

Listen in as Chris and Emily share more about this incredible journey, their next goal of walking down the aisle together, their passion for foster care & adoption (welcoming 17 foster children into their home!) their private struggles, shared blessings, and everything in between! We hope as you listen, you’ll be reminded, as we were, to put one foot in front of the other, no matter what impossibility you’re facing, and that God can transform even our lowest points into life’s greatest gifts.



Links + Resources Mentioned:

7 Longest Yards Book 

Chris Norton : Website

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Emily Norton's Instagram

7 Yards Film

This is Your Day, Tim Tebow

The Connected Child, Dr. Karen B. Purvis 

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John Eldredge | Make Space for your Soul

On this week’s very special episode, we had the incredible joy of welcoming back to the show, one of our very favorite mentors on planet earth…. Mr. John Eldredge.


If you’re new to the podcast, make sure you check out our first episode with John (Ep. 30) where you’ll hear how John went from just barely surviving to living the life of adventure he longed for. John is a dynamic speaker, counselor, and Director of Ransomed Heart Ministries in Colorado who is known most for his best selling book, Wild at Heart, a remarkable work on recovering the masculine soul. (Men, if you have not read this, it is a MUST) He’s also written some of our other very favorite books of all time, Waking the Dead, Journey of Desire, & The Way of the Wild Heart, just to name a few.


We chat with John today about his latest project, the Restoration Year devotional, which has quickly become on of our new favorites. John shares with us how to practice soul care, making space in our lives to hear Gods voice, how to pursue restoration for our souls and how to support that process in our spouse as well.


What you'll experience after spending time with John today is the same thing you'll find when you pick up any of his books: it will make you want to grow closer to Jesus. John is the real deal, and always so good to remind us that loving Jesus really is what living a life of adventure is all about. We were so impacted by this incredible conversation with one of our greatest heroes, and we know you will be too! Enjoy!


Books Mentioned:
Restoration Year
Unspoken Sermons
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