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54: Janice Peterson | A Life Well Lived

What a treat we have for today's episode. If you’ve listened to this podcast for very long at all, you’ve heard me, quoting, almost weekly, the one and only, Eugene Peterson. Just in case anyone is unfamiliar with Eugene Peterson, he was a very much beloved American Pastor, professor, author and poet who passed away in 2018. Eugene wrote over 30 books including The Message, which is a beautiful paraphrasing translation of the Bible into modern everyday language.
On today’s episode, we had the incredible honor of sitting down with Eugene’s sweetheart of 60 years, Janice Peterson, as she shares her story, the journey of discovering her own calling, how she met and fell in love with Eugene, and some of her favorite moments with him over their 60 years together. She is an absolute JOY! This conversation was just a GIFT, and we hope and pray you will settle in with your coffee or tea and soak up every sweet story and incredible word of wisdom she shares. Enjoy!


The Message 


Practicing Prayer Time , Silence


“Pay attention to your internal life, and try to hear what God is saying… what He is calling you to do and be .”


Becoming Gertrude          NavPress

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53: Kellye Fabian | Sacred Questions

On today’s episode we’re talking with our new friend, Kellye Fabian.   Kellye is an incredible author, teacher, and pastor at Willow Creek Community Church in Chicago, IL.  A few months ago, way back to Episode 33, we had a wonderful conversation with our friend Aaron Niequist, who introduced us all to our latest addiction, The Practice gathering podcast. One of our very favorite episodes features our guest today, Kellye Fabian who teaches all about the life changing practice of asking sacred questions in our time with God.  It is our prayer that as you listen today, not only will you enjoy Kellye's incredible story and wisdom, but that you will also put into practice this powerful habit of asking sacred questions.  Listen in.


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