Monthly Archives: December 2017

6: Passion & Purpose with Wes Yoder

On today’s episode we are super excited to have the one, the only, WES YODER here with us! Wes is an incredible speaker, author, and Founder of Ambassador Agency, a speaking bureau in Nashville, TN. He’s worked in the christian music industry there in Nashville, helping launch many well-known artists such as Amy Grant, Rebecca St. James, and Michael Card. His literary projects include media representation for The Purpose Driven Life, Mistaken Identity, and The Shack. He has appeared on The TODAY Show, NBC Nightly News, ABC’s Prime Time, Dateline NBC, and CNN. And now HERE with US on the One Life Podcast!!

We cannot wait for you to hear our conversation with Wes. You’re going to want to grab a good cup of coffee, and a pen and paper to take notes, because he shares SO much wisdom with us today. We hope you enjoy our conversation with Wes Yoder.


5: Life Changing Books

In this episode we have some fun sharing SIX of the books that have changed our lives and why! “The things that change your life are the people you meet and the books you read.” We are huge believers in the power of great books! Excited to share our picks with you and would LOVE to hear yours as well! Let us know some of the books that have changed your life!


4: Clean Water & Calling with Todd Phillips

In this episode we have the amazing honor of chatting with our good friend, Todd Phillips. Todd is the Founder of The Last Well, an initiative to eradicate water borne illnesses and spread the Gospel to the entire nation of Liberia. As you'll soon discover, Todd is one of the best communicators on the planet. In this conversation we discuss how to find your purpose, what it takes to take a faith jump, and all about Todd's passion to bring clean water to Liberia! Todd also shares his incredible story of life change and teaches us all about making collect calls and calling information (gotta love the 80's)!

We hope you'll enjoy our conversation with Todd Phillips.


3: Loving & Living Well with Michael and Linda Adler

In this episode, we kick off our podcast interviews with two of our favorite people on the planet, Michael and Linda Adler! You guys are going to fall in love with them for sure. We covered just about everything in our conversation! From how they stay madly in love after 36 years of marriage, life on the road as artists, glorious 80’s music references, and we may have even discussed their vasectomy reversal that produced a couple more kids! You will probably laugh out loud, you may even shed a tear, but you will definitely be moved and inspired to go and live your one life well!